"7th dwarf" conquers cinema screens.


 The castle Fantabularasa quite a stir: Princess Rose celebrates his 18th birthday. Adopted the most stringent security measures, because the evil sorcerer Dellamorta that cursed Rosa at its christening, the curse will not allow to dissolve in the air.

Seven Dwarfs - Egghead, Sandy, Grumpy, Sonia, Strongman, Vimes and Bobo - do not know anything about it, when you go on holiday to the castle, hoping to have some fun ... Bobo, the smallest dwarf accidentally starts a secret mechanism in the ring Witch and Princess together with all the guests freezes. Gnomes are saved at the last second. Now, to make things right, they will have to go on a dangerous journey to find and beloved princess kidnapped evil dragon Dellamorty.