"Blind Dating" at 11th December


 The protagonist - a 40 year-old Sandro, a history teacher from Tbilisi, who still lives with his parents. His mother has long dreamed about the appearance of grandchildren, but Sandro no luck with women he and his friend Yves found on dating sites. After another unsuccessful visits Sandro finally meets Manana and falls in love. But it turns out that Manana is married and her husband was just released from prison on parole. Sandro decides to meet Tengo at the prison building and talk "like a man", but eventually must call a taxi driver who Tengo hired for the trip. All three go together on a journey through the back of the Tbilisi - not emasculated "tourist" town, brilliant like a postcard, and a mixture of rickety shutters of the old town and gray Soviet blocks, where barely making ends meet, live people who still believe in love .