The comedy "Without Borders" - one of the most anticipated films MIFF


The comedy Artworkfrom the director Rezo Gigineishvili, Karen Oganesyan and Roman Prygunov hasabsorbed stellar cast: Alexander Pahl Anna Chipovskaya, Ivan Yankovsky, Yegorkoreshkov, Milos Bikovich Maria Shalaev, Ravshan Kurkova, Grant Tokhatyan InnaChurikov, Oleg Basilashvili and others. Premiere is scheduled for October 22,but especially the lucky ones able to see it as part of the 37th MoscowInternational Film Festival in the cinema "October".

The film - the story of a few love stories. Incredibly moving and sometimesvery funny. The picture shows a different love: passionate, ridiculous, naive,reckless and most importantly - without national or territorial or age
borders.It has already received a number of striking reviews:

"I have not seen Russian
films, which have been so populous interesting,extraordinary, unusual people. Watching movie, following the plot, and perceivingpeople. Very different and very interesting. "- Andrei Maximov (writer andbroadcaster)