Premiere of animation


Premiere of animation Yesterday the long-awaited premiere of animation "Ratchet and Clank: Galactic Rangers" was shown in the cinema "Cinema Star Mar'ina Rosha".
This is the first full-length animated film based on one of the most popular game franchises for the PlayStation in the world. Charming characters, funny cartoon weapon, intergalactic travel and sparkling humor - it is not surprising that the furry playboy Ratchet and his faithful iron-assistant Clank have get millions of fans. Their number has guaranteed to increase with the release of the cartoon! At least, most of the guests yesterday's cosmically fun premiere became the fans of the "... Galactic Rangers."
At the entrance, the cinema visitors met the captain Quark, "commander in chief" Rangers. He invited young viewers to show strength, agility and flexibility in mind. Then the guys could do alien coloring or treat yourself sweets for the real Rangers. Already trained, they are with their parents went to the cinema, to plunge into the dizzying space adventure in stunning quality of 3D.
On the Russian screens "Ratchet and Clank: Galactic Rangers" will be released at May 5th.