Premiere of the music video "New Year" by IVANI (OST "Bar "Talk It Up")

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The largest music channel Star Pro and the online platform Rutube premiered the IVANI music video for the song “New Year”, which became the soundtrack for the sensational web series “Bar "Talk It Up” (2018) directed by Irina Vilkova.

The actors of the series, already beloved by the Russian audience, took part in the filming of the video, including singer Anna Ivanina (IVANI), Alyona Aleksandrova, Denis Pyanov, Anton Sukharev and others.

"Bar "Talk It Up " is a show about human nature and the way we react to the difficulties of life. It consists of stories of ordinary people, the kind you could meet in real life. Comical micro-stories unfold in the conversations customers have with the attractive bartender Alice. Vilkova is not afraid of snarky jokes, full of characters’ openness and vulnerability. Her characters swear, deceive, get into ridiculous situations, fear public opinion, experience insecurity and are, largely, in a depressed state of mind. The misfortune of each of the characters is told with a certain ironic comedic quality.

Earlier, the series won two Russian awards in the field of web industry and was recognized as the Best Russian web series.


Ivani - New Year (OST Bar "On the Chest") from Bar "On the Chest" on Rutube .