Kitchen in Paris

Original title:
Кухня в Париже
World Premiere:
Premiere in Russia :

Famed restaurant Claude Monet has never been more successful. Our beloved characters, Vika and Max, now deeply in love are about to celebrate their long-awaited wedding! But by accident or change, secret negotiations of the presidents of Russia and France are set up to happen at the restaurant on the exact same day! Claude Monet was supposed to be closed for the nuptials, but the government can do anything they want & on one side, the wedding reverberates, while on the other side, very dignified officials are trying to make history. The staff is overwhelmed. They’ve had big nights before but tonight, everything that could go wrong — goes wrong. The meeting is ruined! The wedding is a disaster. The great scandal is splashed all over the papers. Along with the hurt feelings of the staff, the restaurant is scheduled to be closed forever. However, restaurant owner, Dmitry Nagiev, won’t give up. After slowly convincing his staff to return, he and Chef decide to open a new restaurant in Paris and to host the French meeting of both presidents there. Everyone from the old restaurant has to work tirelessly & seamlessly to restore their reputations and re-establish themselves in a competitive & cutthroat business — and you won’t believe the obstacles in their way!

Head of International Department

Jane Shakhshaeva

International Department Coordinator 

Larisa Leonova

International department manager

Victoria Lipchak