The Counted

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Fatal cases of the Western Nile Fever are registered in one of the remote Russian areas in Karelia. This illness is quite exotic. Appearing in Karelia goes against the existing scientific experience. An epidemiological expedition is sent to the location. The group includes two protagonists — VERA and NIKOLAI, who once were romantically involved and, as it turns out in the course of current events, have not yet lost their mutual affection for each other. None of them knows what this unexpected journey is turning into.
The COUNTED is a one-hour drama with the elements of paranormal and sci-fi genres intertwined in it, put in the unique geographical, ethnical and social setting of the Karelia land that is filled with mystical legends and inexplicable myths that survived through history till our time. The team faces the facts that can hardly be explained and are more mysterious than the death itself.

Head of International Department

Jane Shakhshaeva

International Department Coordinator 

Larisa Leonova