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New Home is the name of a rehab clinic with crack team. It includes consulting psychologists and specialists from different kinds of addiction. Several of them know firsthand about the struggles of addicts, having fought their own in the past. This helps them better understand the New Home patients who come both voluntarily and not so freely! This unique perspective also causes one or two of them to question their own sobriety & their place in the healing system. At times the cases seem incredible, sometimes — comic, but despite all details and events, each of the clients hides a problem so familiar to everyone in one way or another.
The main heroine of the series Yana is a patient. She did not come of her own free will and was ordered to attend or face jail. She has a thorny path to rehabilitation in front of her. A new consulting psychologist Ilya is having none of her shenanigans or whining. She is only another complicated patient for him. But with therapy and the help of the staff as well as witnessing other patient’s trials & tribulations, slowly Yana’s life begins to change. The formerly unimpressed Ilya gradually begins to see her gifts as she discovers them herself during her rehabilitation.
New sudden feelings between them start to grow... but… they must keep them secret.

Head of International Department

Jane Shakhshaeva

International Department Coordinator 

Larisa Leonova