"Faster, higher, stronger" ... In Asi's world, this motto is not the place. As well as complexes because of excess weight. Moreover, there are more important things - preparation for the wedding is in full swing. Careless world Asya collapses in one second: the girl finds out that the beloved is not satisfied with her figure for a long time. And the best friends do not hesitate to talk about the magnificent forms behind her. To restore faith in himself, Asya goes to the sports club. That's just training and weight loss program are too expensive for a beginner athlete. The only way out is to become a fitness employee and to practice for free. So Asya has a new job, acquaintances and, most importantly, an incentive to prove to her friends, the former and the whole world, that "the impossible is possible."

Head of International Department

Jane Shakhshaeva

International Department Coordinator 

Larisa Leonova