Living Life

Format: Season 1 - 8x52', Season 2 - in development. Anna is an educated and bright young woman, with lots of friends and a successful career in marketing. The tragic death of her tyrannical husband a year ago hasn’t broken her – indeed she vowed that nothing would stop her from living her life to the full. Despite having many admirers, Anna takes time to start new relationships and rethink her values. Until she meets Matvey. A young surgeon working at a luxury clinic, he initially seems to be an ideal candidate for Anna. However, Matvey soon reveals himself to be a professional manipulator, well versed in a variety of the most dangerous psychological techniques. Anna quickly realizes that this has happened to her before. She intends to end this cycle of unhealthy relationships and defeat Matvey at his own cruel game.
Head of International Department

Jane Shakhshaeva

International Department Coordinator 

Larisa Leonova

International department manager

Victoria Lipchak