Little falcon Kai - more precisely, a falcon cub - lives in relative solitude. His life and character is devoted to the main storyline. In it, young Kai falls into one adventure after another, with honor comes out of difficult situations. After all, he has a goal - to get to the fantastic city of Zambezia. This town is completely inhabited by birds - very different, and because not always understanding each other. But this Kaya does not bother, because he knows that there, in Zambezia, he will be able to find friends and get rid of anguish and loneliness. However, to get into the Zambezia, a young falcon must overcome a long path, full of dangers and adventures.

Zambezia is a full-length South African cartoon by Wayne Tonley. The impressive budget allowed the director to attract excellent animators and high-profile voice actors. Among the latter - such legends as Samuel L. Jackson and Leonard Nimoy. However, Russian dubbing is also excellent, so it's no surprise that over 800,000 Russians watched the cartoon in theaters. Not the last rl in this played the country-producer. Still, before the big-budget cartoons in South Africa did not, and in general the cinema of this country is developed quite poorly.


A colorful cartoon, designed primarily for children, is able to interest an adult audience. Let the illogical actions of the characters sometimes seem annoying, and the plot twists - not very original, but still a dynamic and funny film brings a lot of pleasure. The story of the little Kai - kind and touching, she teaches the audience to love life and strive for their dreams.